Joyce Morgan, Wolverhampton Resident

Joyce Morgan arrived in Wolverhampton on 24th October 1940 with her mother and her four brothers and sisters after being evacuated from London. Their house in London was bombed three times during the blitz and when her father came home from the war in 1946 the whole family remained in Wolverhampton where they still live to this day.

One day we were told we were to be evacuated to place in the country so we stayed in London for one more night before the family was put on a train for the super safe haven of Wolverhampton. The train stopped at Tettenhall – Halt and buses took us to New Cross Hospital — an old building like a prison — we did not like it at all. It was only for one night as we should all be in a nice house the next day. We slept in a ward three to a bed and next day were taken to Tettenhall golf club where there were other families waiting to go into private homes. Some Mothers were housed with their children, and some children went to families, but we were a large family and no one wanted us and we had to spend the night in the golf club.

Next day off again to a place called Finchfield. Three houses belonging to Butler’s Brewery which had been empty for some time were given to us — six families in the three houses. All sorts of items were given to us by Tettenhall Council. We settled down in what we thought was our safe place but then were told we were to have a Morrison Shelter, a huge thing that filled half the room. Oh dear, did this mean we were no longer away from the bombing! We were assured we were safe but then we were living next door to the warden’s post.

Memories of the children at school laughing at my strong Cockney accent…… must say we laughed back when we tried to understand the local way of speaking. Then we made friends at school which was at Tettenhall Wood a long walk from Finchfield and I’m happy to say I still have the same pals seventy one years on.

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