Nottingham Theatre Royal

The Germans embarked on their ‘provincial’ tour end 1940 with Birmingham and Coventry being hardest hit (Birmingham 36 raids, Coventry 21 raids).

November 1940, Nottingham fire crews dispatched as far as Southampton.

April 1941, Birmingham again targeted with raids.

May 1941, Hitler’s focus turned to Rolls Royce in Derby (on account of its strategic importance in the Allied war effort). However Churchill made this a logistical impossibility so instead the Luftwaffe headed to Nottingham.

On 8 May 1941 Nottingham was targeted with 90% of all bombs to fall on the city during the war falling this day. Moot Hall, The Lace Market, University College, Notts County Football Club were all hit.
These air raids resulted in 100 city centre fires city centre, 350 houses destroyed, and a death toll of 430.

On the 12 and 13 May 1941 there were further lesser air raids on Nottingham and Lincoln.

(taken from Juliet Gardiner’s The Blitz: The British Under Attack)

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