SCHOOL GROUPS (London only)
SCHOOLS 10+ (1 teacher free in every 10) £19.50
Valid Tues– Fri 11 Dec-18 Dec & 12 Jan-19 Feb only

For details of school rates for the UK TOUR please contact each venue

Workshop programme

Workshop bookings are taken by the West End Creative Learning team and can be bespoke to match the group’s specific learning needs. Examples would be:

Acting workshop

Led by a professional actor, the workshop will explore acting technique and the themes of Goodnight Mister Tom (e.g. friendship, family, town and country, growing up). Participants will investigate the world created in Goodnight Mister Tom and some of its characters. Starting with a full actors’ warm up, the workshop will help the participants to delve deeper into the script and gain an insight into the production from the actors’ point of view.

Directing Theatre workshop

A professional Director will work with the group looking at how a piece of theatre is born from the pages of a script. Participants are given the experience of being directed, directing others and looking at different approaches directors might and can make to an extract of the script of Goodnight Mister Tom.

Playwriting Workshop

Working with a professional playwright, the participants will investigate the adaptation of a novel to its scripted form. This text-based workshop will explore the skills and techniques of playwriting and how atmosphere is created in the script, through stage directions and the dialogue. The practitioner will use interactive games and character work to approach the text before encouraging the participants to write their own dialogue from an extract from the novel Goodnight Mister Tom.

Immersive Goodnight Mister Tom workshop – in school only

In this exciting workshop, students will be working with a professional Director and Actor to create the world of the play; focusing specifically on the life of evacuees in World War II Britain. They will explore different workshops and immersive theatrical skills in order to truly enrich the imaginations of students and to aid their engagement and ability to relate to a story from another time.

Prices for this workshop will vary dependent upon school’s distance from London.

To book a workshop or for more details or to book a workshop please contact Ellen Bott, West End Creative Learning Manager, The Ambassador Theatre Group 0207 534 6116.

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