Q & A with Director, Angus Jackson

What made you want to direct Goodnight Mister Tom?
I think it’s good to do a show where a variety of people are going to see it. I was interested in it because my parents were evacuated …

Q & A with adaptor David Wood

Why have you chosen to adapt Goodnight Mister Tom from the book to stage?
I’ve wanted to do it for more than 20 years. The reason, apart from the fact that I loved the book,was that I had adapted Michelle Magorian’s second …

Q & A with Producer, Edward Snape

The forthcoming production of Goodnight Mister Tom is the first ever Children’s Touring Partnership production. Can you tell me how the Children’s Touring Partnership came about?
It first came about from a symposium organised by the Theatrical Management Association investigating the state of play of regional …

Q & A with Writer, Michelle Magorian

How did you come about writing Goodnight Mister Tom?

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