Millicent Seed, age 88, began attending the Grand just after the war had ended.

“The Grand Theatre was a luxury to us people that hadn’t got any money, because my late husband was Bevin Boy, money was scarce. I was brought up around the miming area. To go to the theatre was great because you could dress up. It was a night out- you never went scruffy. Other people had evening dresses, I had a light summer dress and I’d dress my little daughter up nice. In those days, for a pound, you could go to the theatre and then go across to the Co-Op and have a meal.”

“The costumes were magnificent and at the end when the Prince married the Princess it was marvellous- all the glitter. Just after the war, with the economy as it was, all this glitter was something to build you up; you’d had a good night, you’d got your husband and daughter and went for a meal after. It was just sheer bliss.”

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