Philip Lewis was born in Wolverhampton and was occasionally brought to the Grand by his mother in the 1930’s

“We queued in a side alleyway and then there was a concrete staircase which led to the gallery. A chappie used to open the door and shout ‘Early doors’ and I would think we probably paid tuppence extra to go in early and the poorer people waited later and went in ‘Late doors’. Now the curious part of this was that we were issued with a ticket that was metal, about the size of a large box of matches or about the size of a packet of cigarettes. We paid our money…and the tickets came down a slot – metal –and we raced upstairs because there were no reserved seats – they were stepped, arena-style seats – and then we got the best seats we could and the usherette took the tickets back and then they were recycled for the next performance.”

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