Tom Powis

My Nan wasn’t evacuated, as her and her family lived in rural Shropshire. Her parents ran a farm but as her father was too old to run the farm alone, he had taken on a number of employees a few years before the outbreak of war. Obviously, all these men were conscripted up for the war effort so it was left to my Nan, her mother and her sisters to run the farm. Soon after, they all joined the Women’s Land Army and were helping grow food on farms throughout the village. My Nan is still very surprised that an evacuee was never sent to stay with them on the farm, but she met a lot of them through her friends in the local area. She speaks today of how they all mucked in together on the farms and how she made a lot of dear friends through the evacuation – some of which she is still in contact with today. In 2009, she was one of over 90 veterans invited to a Garden Party with the Queen at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the hard and essential work of the Land Girls in the Second World War.

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