Alison Arlington tells us about her mother’s memories of a visiting evacuee in 1940.

My mother Jean Bentley, nee Kemsley, remembers the evacuee who came to live on their farm outside Maidstone, Kent in the early part of the War. He was David Green of “90 Green Street, Chislehurst, Kent” and whenever they, or any of my mother’s friends asked his name, he always gave  his name and full  address! Unfortunately my mother has not kept up contact with David.

I have a photo of my mother’s birthday on June 11th 1940, it would have been her 11th. She is seated on her pony, surrounded by her Maidsone friends. The shepherd Buster is holding her pony’s reins. In addition to her friends, the picture also shows her friend Pat Hobbs, my godmother Margaret Fullager (now in Melbourne, Australia) and my uncle Trevor Kemsley (who still farms part of the original farm) . The gardener’s children Enid and Joyce are there and David too, who looks about 8.

My mother said that they all had great fun playing together, but that David was sent somewhere else when the Blitz began, as my grandmother thought that Maidstone would be caught in any bombing raids and not a safe place for an evacuee.

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